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‘Praising SMS’

Section Praising SMS :

Some People Have Nice Eyes

Here read a very beautiful and loves short shayari, you can send to your friends and lovers, relatives, and you can also share a friends and relatives on facebook on twitter and on orkut , any other mobile phones, read the beautiful and loves sms shayari and share your friends..! have nice day.



Some people have nice eyes,

some people have nice smiles,

others have nice faces,

but u have all of them with a nice heart..!!



To see light, look at sun..

to see love look at moon..

to see beauty, look at nature..

to see hope, look at future..

but, to see all of this, look at the mirror….!!!


Texts for praising a lover

We are present a short but nice love sms to your praising a lover, you can read the beautiful sms and share to all your friends and lovers. You can also share your friends and other person on facebook and on orkut, so read the sweet loves sms and share your friends.



To be someone is easy,

to be someone nice is harder,

to be someone special might be difficult,

but to know someone like you is a blessing without difficulty..!!



May ur heart b happy & ur days b bright.

May ur roads b smooth & ur burdens light.

May u find dreams & touch a star &,

Never forget how special U R.

Gods Wants To Give You Better : Praising Sms

Here we are presenting an amazing praising sms in which you will read that if god takes something better than don’t upset may be he will give something better. Share this beautiful praising sms with your friend and motivate them in life and not stop because of small incident. So, read this nice praising sms.



When God takes away
something from ur
Don’t think He is
punishing you,
But actually he is
emptying ur hands
to recieve something
better !!

The Person Who Always With You : Nice Sms

Here we are presenting a beautiful sms in which you will find that there is only a person who help you at every kind of situation and care about you at every moment. Then know that who is that person by reading this beautiful sms. Share this beautiful message with your friend or with your dearest friend on orkut and on facebook. So, checkout this beautiful message.



No one cares about you,
No one will help you in need,
Except only one person
And that person is the one
You see in ur mirror daily.

Nice Motivational Message : Sms

Read this beautiful motivational message. In this message you will read some beautiful motivational lines which motivate someone to not stop after a accident. You can send this sms to your friends and to the person whom you like. You can also share it on orkut and on facebook. So, checkout this beautiful motivational sms.


Beautiful PICTURES
are developed from negatives
in dark room. So if anytime u see
darkness in ur life, it means God
is developing a beautiful future
for YOU..

Calling a friend as Angel

This Morning I Got A Call FroM Heaven

They Said They Were Missing An Angel,

Don’t Worry I Won’t Tell TheM You Are Here…

SMS value- SMS meaning to make someone feel special

SMS Doesn’t Only Mean

Short Messaging Service.

But It Also Means

Some Moments Shared

With Loved Ones Like You…

Showing importance of someone (LOVE or Friend)

The Star Has 5 Sides,

1 Is Ur Smile,

2 Is Ur Charm,

3 Is Ur Looks,

4 Is Ur Intelligence,

5 Is Ur Friendship,

Thanks For Being My STAR…

Give thanks to Teacher sms

Saying / giving thanks to your teacher using sms

May be u donno me,
May be u never noticed me sitting on last bench
May be u hv beaten me sometime
But still we love you teacher…
Thankyou being their for us all the time.


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