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‘Intellectual SMS’

Section Intellectual SMS :

This category contains a collection of intellectual sms / text messages. These messages can be used to teach something to a friend. These messages generally carry good words and good meaning behind them. Share the sms .

Truth About Student

Here we presenting some true line about student. In this message you will read about the student generation of today. By this message you can describe the qualities of student. Share this message on facebook and on orkut by our mail feature to tell everyone about the power of student. So checkout this message about student…..


We are cheaters,
b’t don’t cheat manners.
We hate study,
b’t Love teachers.
We flirt with flirters,
b’t love lovers.
world can’t change us,
b’t we can change the world.
we don’t have books,
bt we have revolutionary
ideas in mind.
Meet us, we are students….!!!!



Quality Of True Peoples : Nice Message

If you looking for nice message to compliment someone a true person then we have a nice result for you. We have a nice message in which you will read about the quality of true people. It is a very nice sms share it with everyone on orkut and on facebook. So check out this nice message…


‘True people never go
out from our life easily’
when it happens they
always come back at
Right time without expectation…


Frustrated Student From Exam : Funny Sms

We have nice message for the student who frustrated from exam. This is a very funny message on those boys who are frustrated from exam. In this message a frustrated boy write a application to the secretory and complain about the exam syllabus. You can share this funny sms to your friend and relative by our mail feature. So check out this funny sms…


Frustrated student
The Secretory
Respected madam,
Baat yeh ki paper dene ka koi tuk nhi
banta ! accha yeh bata kaun haramkhor
paper set karta hai?
Kamino, students ki jaan nikal jati hai !
Upar se saalo paper checking to aise hoti
hai jaise apni beti ke rape ka badla humse
le rahe ho !! Poore saal staff room ke
chakkar kaat te kaat te humstudents ki jaan nikal
jati hai, upar se aisa syllabus banaya hai jaise
tumhare yahan toh haramzaade saare topper hi
janmei hai !
tumhara baap bhi is paper
mein paas nhi ho payega !
Tum khud aise paper mein 10 baar
bhi paas nhi ho sakte ! tu kabhi bahar mil tujhe
main bataunga student kya hota hai! teri maa ka
saka naka !
urs faihfully
(mein kya pagal hon ki
naam likhonga)

Funny Jokes On Biology Lab

we present a funny sms on biology lab. This is a very funny sms on school lab. I hope you will enjoy it. You can also send this message to your friend on orkut and facebook to share this funny sms. So let’s check out this funny sms….

Ek Mendak ne pandit se
apna future poocha

Pandit : Tujhe ek ladki milegi
jo tera dil le jayegi..

Mendak Khushi se :
Wo milegi kahan ?



Pandit :
Biology lab mein…..

Nice Saying About Close Eyes : Nice Message

If you are seeking for some nice sms for your loved one and for someone special then we have a nice sms for you. I am sure you will like this sms. You can also send this message to your orkut and facebook friend to share your feeling with this nice message. So let check out this nice saying…….


Why do we close our Eyes when we pray..

When we Cry…
When we Dream..
When we miss someone..
Bcz the most beautiful things in life
are not seen,
But felt by HEART….:-)

Importance Of Nature- A Saying

Hi guys ! here is a nice sms which describe the importance of nature This is a very nice saying about nature. In this message you will find that sometimes our nature is the reason of our failure or our success. This is a very nice message send it to your friend and your loved one to describe them the importance of nature by our mail feature. So check this nice message…


Time decides whom you
meet in life.

Your heart decides whom
you want in life..


Your behavior decides who will
stay in your LIFE…

Nice Saying About Tears : Nice Message

If you are seeking for a nice saying about tears and want to dedicate to your love and your favourite person then we have a nice message which describe the meaning of tears. It is a very nice message about tears you can send it to your friend and love one by our mail feature. so check out this nice saying about tears…


Tear is the silent language of
pure heart..when tears comes with reason
you got some problem but when tears
come without any reason you are
missing someone…G’d 9t

For lover- A Affectionate but confusing sms

Looking for a refreshing sms for you dearest one, this sms will first irritate, amuse but in the end it has the element to show your love and affection for him /her.

Bahut stupid ho tum I m sure 100%,
Bahut badtameez ho tum I m sure 100%,
bahut gadhe ho tum I m sure 100%,
but jo bhi hai mere ho tum I m sure 100%…

School Memories sms: Remembering Old School Days

Hi, guys ! we often miss our school or college days because we touch very strong to our school and we never forget that days. So I bring a nice messege on school days. You can send this messege to your special friend of school days you can also send this on orkut or on facebook.


Poetry explaining importance n pain of girl - meaing of being girl

This poetry is dedicate to the beautiful creation of god ‘Girl’. Through this poetry i want to expalain that why girl are special ? I want to advice all boys that we should give due respect to girl which they are actually deserve….


A girl is like a bird…

God’s most prettiest creation in the world.

The childhood of girl is their golden age.

After that, the world keeps them in a beautiful cage..

This innocent creature, looks like a fairy,

Who loses her feather when she get marry..

She leads all her life in serving others.

She also has a heart, But none bothers.

A dress of happiness & pleasure she wears.

But in every corner, you can find a girl shedding tears….

Moral : Try to give due respect that they  deserve..

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