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‘Caring SMS’

Section Caring SMS :

All sms showing your affection and care for other.

Caring sms Love Massages

here is presenting a new love sms about a caring sms, read very lovely care sms and send to your friends and relatives you can also share your friends on twitter on orkut and on facebook…!!





Wow - Be careful sms messages collection

Here we are presenting some amazing careful message collection just for you. We have collected some nice careful messag form which you be careful in your life before doing any kind of wrong thing and a mistake. You can also share these beautiful message with your friend and with your special one on orkut and on facebook by just copy and paste on their message box. So, checkout these carefull message..


Read this nice careful message which giving you a beautiful message for your life.


 » Better be careful

about you like to get in life.

Otherwise you will have to like

what you get in life.


Here is some beautiful careful line which giving you a nice message before you go ahead in your love life



 » Be careful when a girl tells u that
She loves u from the bottom of her heart.
For this may mean that there is still enough space for another boy on top!


Here is another careful message which warn you before entering in first love.



 » First Luv Is Unforgettable,
So Be Careful To Enter Dis Field,
As D First Shot May B D Last,
Only Lucky Ppl Get Best
Frm Der 1st Shot..
Go Ahead.


Read one more careful message which warn you to be careful when talking to someone. So, checkout this careful message.



 » If your foot slip, you may recover your balance, but if your tongue slip, you cannot recall your words


Read this another careful message which giving you a amazing message for your life.



 » Be careful in letting go of the things you thought are just nothing. Cause maybe someday youll realize that the one you gave away is the very thing youve been wishing for to stay.


Take Care Sms Message Collection : Beautiful Sms

We bring a beautiful collection of take care sms which you can send to your dearest person and to your loved one. We have collected some amazing take care message just for you. I hope you like these message. You can share these beautiful message with your friend on orkut and facebook by just copy and paste on their message box. So, checkout these beautiful take care message..


checkout this beautiful message and send it to your special friend. This is a heart touching message.


 » If i would know that i m gonna die tomorrow, i’ll spend 23 hours with u and if u wonder what about the last that i’ll find someone who can take care of u…


Here is another short beautiful take care message. Some true great lines.


 » Short but great lines:
Unexpected care always keep us happy but
expected care always make us unhappy.


Read this another beautiful take care message. I am sure you will like it.


 » Feel good when somebody Miss u.
Feel better when somebody Loves u.
But feel best when somebody never forgets u.
Take care of yourself…


checkout this another beautiful message in which you will read some beautiful line.



 » Before YOU came in my life,
i just need Food, Water & Oxygen to live.
But now including these, i need 2 more things to be alive.
They are YOUR LOVE & CARE!!!


Here is one more amazing take care message for friends.



 » Friendship is a language spoken by heart…
not written on paper, not given by pledge…
it is a promise renewed every time we keep in touch…
Take Care…


Nice Message From A Lover

Looking for a nice message to impress your loved one ? We have a nice message from which you can bring a smile on your loved one face. This is a very nice message by a lover send this to your loved one and special friend to make them smile by this lovely message. So check out this nice sms…


Do you know
what is the difference between
your smile and my smile ?
You smile when you are happy,
I smile when I see you happy…:-)

New year sms English- Wishes sms(small poetry sms)

This is a new year english small poetry sms. If you are looking for something nice yet simple on this new year then send this as sms and enjoy the smiles spreading throughout. Hope you will like this sms / english message and will spread the word of New Year. (more…)

A message to calm down-comfort someone who is in trouble

A beautiful message is given below which can be used to comfort and to calm down someone who is trouble or who lost something. This can really help and can bring smile on sad face.


When God Takes SoMething FroM Your Grasp,
He Is Not Punishing You,
But Merely EMptying Your Hand
For You To Receive SoMething Better…


Happy Dasara sms Greetings Wishes

Here is a sms wishes for the festival of Dasara. Send it your friends and family to give them Dasara Wishes using sms or orkut or use it on your blog to greet your visitors this Dashara.

“HappY DasarA”

Advance Eid ul Ftira Mubarak sms Wishes

Here presenting you a sms made for eid, as sms, this message will create curiosity and then in the end will give eid Wishes. Send this as sms and make people smile along with wishes of Eid ul Fitra.




An Ascii SMS to Send WISH - Its Sweat

Below is nice sms which can be used to send wishes on various occasion like Eid, Ramada, Dipawali, Good friday etc. Just in the end, add your wish and send it. This really sweet and simple sms.


R U Waiting 4
My Msg?
( ‘.’ )

Shoo Shweeeeet..

Dont Worry.

How Can I
Forget U?

HERE Comes
My Wish.


Habit of sending sms / Care Sms message

Habit Never Goes,
Cuz If U ReMove H, A-Bit ReMains,
If U ReMove A, Bit ReMains,
If U ReMove B, It Still ReMains.
So My Habit Of SMsng U Will Never Go…

Another one Showing care and love:

If At Any TiMe Life Is Like A Candle In The Wind,
Then I’ll Put My Hands Around You So That
All Burns Are Mine And All Light Is Yours.
It’s A ProMise…

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