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‘Husband Wife Jokes’

Section Husband Wife Jokes :

Hindi Pati-Patni Famous Jokes

These are few Hindi Jokes for you today submitted by Raghuraj Singh

Joke No. 1 : The Mall
एक आदमी की पत्नी मॉल में कहीं इधर उधर हो गई.
थोड़ी दूर यहाँ-वहाँ देखने के बाद वह एक खूबसूरत सेल्सगर्ल के पास पहुंचा और बोला – “क्या आप पांच मिनट मेरे पास खड़े रहकर बातें कर सकती हैं ?”
सेल्सगर्ल – “क्यों ? इससे आपको क्या फायदा होगा ?”
आदमी – “दरअसल मेरी पत्नी यहीं-कहीं गुम हो गई है और मुझे दिख नहीं रही… जैसे ही वह मुझे आपसे बातें करते हुए देखेगी सीधी गोली की तरह यहाँ चली आएगी … !”

Joke No. 2 : The stay of wife
वाइफ - मैं तुम्हारी याद में बीस दिन में ही आधी हो गयी हूँ,
मुझे लेने कब आ रहे हो ?
हसबैंड - बीस दिन और रुक जाओ|….


Funny Ideal Joke : Joke

An Idea can change your life you might be thinking about this. So, let’s us tell you a great idea by this funny joke in which you’ll find a great idea which can change your life in actual. You can share this joke with your friends on facebook or forward them from your cell phone. So, let’s take a look at this funny ideal joke.



An idea can change your
life but a woman can
change your idea.
So, always change
women to change ideas.
What an Idea!  

Clean Husband and Wife new Jokes (For facebook comments)

Wife Saw Sign Board:

Nylon Saree
Cotton Saree
Banarsi Saree

Wife: Give me Rs.500 I’ll buy 50 Sarees.

Husband: You dumbo.. its a laundry shop !!

Now another one!

Wife to Husband : I don’t have any child, I have decided to give all my wealth to some Sadhu..

After hearing this, husband stood up…

Wife : What happened to you, where are you going ?

Husband : To become a Sadhu !

One more you will enjoy!
Wife to Husband : I am the book of your life …
Husband : This is what I regret…
If you were a calender then could have changed one every year !

Another one!

Wife : Where did you get these lipstick spots ?

Husband : I am amazed myself where how I got these spots ?
I was not wearing shirt at that time :) : )

Facebook Wedding : Funny Sms

Here we present a very funny joke on wedding in which you will find that what is procedure if a marriage is taking place according to facebook trend. It’s very funny sms share it with your friend on facebook to show them this facebook wedding and make them laugh. So, let’s take a look at this facebook wedding.



Priest : Do you agree
to change your Facebook
status from

*married* ??

Boy : yes ! yes ! yes !

Girl : yes ! yes ! yes !

Priest : congratz !
you are now husband
and wife. You may now TAKE
the bride.
And don’t forget to TAG
me in the wedding pics !!..

Tragedy With a Husband : Funny Sms

Looking for some funny sms then read this sms in which you will find out a big tragedy with a husband who want to know about his pregnant wife condition. It’s a very funny sms share it with your friend and relatives to make them laugh. So, checkout this funny sms.



Husband wanted to call
the hospital to ask about
his pregnant wife but
accidentally called the
cricket stadium. He
asks, ” How’s the situation ?
He was shocked & nearly died
on hearing the reply. They
said, Its finy. 3 are
out, hope 7 out by
lunch, last one was a duck !

Child From Google : Funny Sms

Read this funny joke in which you will find a husband and wife who fighting with each other. In this message the wife said to her husband that he don’t love her at all then read ahead what the husband answer his wife. This is a very funny sms share it with all your friend on orkut and facebook. So, checkout this funny sms…


Wife to Husband :-

You don’t Love me at all….

Husband points towards their 2 Children and says –
then do u think I’ve downloaded these from Google?

Kiss Ka Hisaab : Funny Sms

Read this very funny sms about a husband wife. In this message you will find a husband who live so far from his wife and send his salary every month but see what he send when he didn’t recieve his one month salary. This is a very funny sms share it with your friend on orkut and facebook by just copy and paste on their message box. So, checkout this funny message….


Ek foji ne apni sundar
patni ko khat likha jaanu is bar
tankhwa nhi mili is liye 100 kiss
bhej raha hoon.. Kuch dino
bad patni ka khat aata hai
aapne 100 kiss uska hisab
7 sabji wale ko di 7 kiss se dudh wala
nhi mana 9 kiss deni padi
10- 15 kiss baccho ki fees mein chali gayi
makan malik roj 4 - 5 kiss le jata hai
aap chinta mat karna abhi
25 - 30 kiss bachi hai mahina nikal
jayega apna khayal rakhna…


Truth Of Marriage : Funny Sms

Looking for some truth about marriage then read this funny sms in which you will find a dangerous truth of marriage after then you will definitely think hundred times before getting marry. This is a very funny message you can send this to your friend and relative to make them laugh by this funny joke. So checkout this dangerous truth of marriage…


shadi ke fero mein
suno Ji, Aaj se apke bina me nhi
Mere bina aap nhi

4saal baad wahi bibi=

Kutte ruk ja, Aaj ya
toh tu nhi ya me nhi…


Maut Ka Saman : Funny Sms

Looking for a joke on marriage occasion then read this funny sms in which you will find some very funny lines. This is a very funny message share this funny joke with your friend on orkut and on facebook by our mail feature. so checkout this funny joke marriage…


Vidai ke samay dulhe
ka moblie baja. wife slapped
him.. why .?

Usme ringtone thi-
dil me chupake pyar ka
armaan le chale. Hum
aaj apni maut ka saman
le chale..


Biwi Ki Galat fehmi : Joke

Here we are presenting a funny joke on wife. In this message you will read about the misunderstanding of wife. This is a very funny joke on husband wife send this message to your friend and relative to make them laugh by this message. Check out this funny sms….


Wife-kal raat tumne mujhe
neend mein gali di thi…
Husband-tumhari galat fehmi hai
Wife-Kaisi galat fehmi..?
Husband-yahi ki
Main neend mein tha:-)


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