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Sri Krishna Ashtothram-108 Names of Krishan-Send Janmastami Orkut Relgious Scrap

Sri Krishna Astottara Namavali is generally recited on Wednesdays and on Krishna Janmashtami. Send this Krishna Ashtothram as Religious Scrap to your friends and earn the PUNYA. Let other also get benefited by reciting Krishna Ashtothram. Send this Devotional scraps to your friends and Family.

“Krishnaya Vasudevaya, Haraye Paramathmane
Pranatha kleshanasaya, Govindaya Namo Namaha” !!

108 Names of Lord Krishna:

Om Sri krsnaya Namah
Om Kamala nathaya Namah
Om Vasudevaya Namah
Om Sanatanaya Namah
Om Vasudevatmajaya Namah
Om Punyaya Namah
Om Lila-manusa vigrahaya Namah
Om Srivatsa kaustubha dharaya Namah
Om Yasoda vatsalaya Namah
Om Haraye Namah
Om Caturbhujatta cakrasigada sankhambujayudhaya Namah
Om Devaki nandanaya Namah
Om Drisaya Namah
Om Dandagopa priyatmajaya Namah
Om Yamuna vega samharine Namah
Om Dalabhadra priyanujaya Namah
Om Putana jivita haraya Namah
Om Sakatasura bhanjanaya Namah
Om Nandavraja jananandine Namah
Om Sachiidananda vigrahaya Namah
Om Navanita viliptangaya Namah
Om Navanita nataya Namah
Om Anaghaya Namah
Om Navanita navaharaya Namah
Om Mucukunda prasadakaya Namah
Om Sodasastri sahasresaya Namah
Om Tribhangi madhurakrtaye Namah
Om Sukavag amrtabdhindave Namah
Om Govindaya Namah
Om Yoginam pataye Namah
Om Vatsapalana sancarine Namah
Om Anantaya Namah
Om Dhenukasura mardanaya Namah
Om Trnikrta trnavartaya Namah
Om Yamalarjuna bhajanaya Namah
Om Uttalatala bhetre Namah
Om Tamala syamalakrtaye Namah
Om Gopa gopisvaraya Namah
Om Yogine Namah
Om Kotisurya sama prabhaya Namah
Om Ilapataye Namah
Om Parasmai jyotise Namah
Om Yadavendraya Namah
Om Yadu dvahaya Namah
Om Vanamaline Namah
Om Pita vasase Namah
Om Parijatapaharakaya Namah
Om Govardhanacaloddhartre Namah
Om Gopalaya Namah
Om Sarva palakaya Namah
Om Ajaya Namah
Om Niranjanaya Namah
Om Kama janakaya Namah
Om Kanja locanaya Namah
Om Madhughne Namah
Om Mathura nathaya Namah
Om Dvaraka nayakaya Namah
Om Baline Namah
Om Vrndavananta sancarine Namah
Om Tulasi dama bhusanaya Namah
Om Syamantaka maner hartre Namah
Om Nara narayanatmakaya Namah
Om Kubjakrstambara dharaya Namah
Om Mayine Namah
Om Parama purusaya Namah
Om Mustikasura canura malla yuddha visaradaya Namah
Om Samsara vairine Namah
Om Kamsaraye Namah
Om Muraraye Namah
Om Narakantakaya Namah
Om Anadi brahmacarine Namah
Om Krsnavyasana karsakaya Namah
Om Sisupala siras chetre Namah
Om Duryodhana kulantakaya Namah
Om Vidurakrura varadaya Namah
Om Visvarupa pradarsakaya Namah
Om Satya vace Namah
Om Satya sankalpaya Namah
Om Satyabhama rataya Namah
Om Jayine Namah
Om Subhadra purvajaya Namah
Om Visnave Namah
Om Bhisma mukti pradayakaya Namah
Om Jagad gurave Namah
Om Jagannathaya Namah
Om Venu nada saradaya Namah
Om Vrsabhasura vidhvamsine Namah
Om Banasura karantakaya Namah
Om Yudhisthira pratisthatre Namah
Om Barhi varhavatamsakaya Namah
Om Parthasarathaye Namah
Om Avyaktaya Namah
Om Gitamrta mahodadhaye Namah
Om Kaliya phani manikya ranjita sri padambujaya Namah
Om Damodaraya Namah
Om Yajna bhoktre Namah
Om Danavendra vinasakaya Namah
Om Narayanaya Namah
Om Para brahmane Namah
Om Pannagasana vahanaya Namah
Om Jala kridasamasakta gopi vastrapaharakaya Namah
Om Punya slokaya Namah
Om Tirtha karaya Namah
Om Veda vedyaya Namah
Om Daya nidhaye Namah
Om Sarva bhutatmakaya Namah
Om Sarvagraha rupine Namah
Om Paratparaya Namah


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