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Difference between friend & best friend

Different between

Just Friends VS. Best Friends

A Just Friend says..hi,..hello, ..bye,… and walks away…
A Best friend always stop by your side & asks how r u doing ??

A Just Friend has never seen you cry.
A Best friend has shoulders soggy from your tears.

A Just Friend thinks the friendship is over, when you have an argument.
A Best friend knows that it’s not a friendship, until after you’ve had a fight.

A Just Friend hates it when you call, after he has gone to bed.
A Best friend asks you…. why you took so long to call.

A Just Friend, when visiting, acts like a guest.
A Best friend opens your refrigerator and helps himself.

A Just Friend jealous about your romantic history.
A Best friend wonders of your love story…..
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A Just Friend expects you to be always there for any help.
A Best friend is always there, wherever you require any help


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8 more messages for Difference between friend & best friend ”

  1. # 1 rohini Added:

    Read this very beautiful words

  2. # 2 Ranjitha Added:

    These are true words for true friends

  3. # 3 Mallory Added:

    a good friend would go to CVS and buy you a pregnancy test, but a best friend would be banging on your doof screaming, NAME IT AFTER ME!!!!

  4. # 4 Hinal Added:

    Truely speaking it was 2 gud. I agree with u

  5. # 5 Farah Added:

    my best friend’s name is hana nached, i love her very much, she just doesn’t get it i dont know why??!! i love her so much that i can spend a million $ on her!! her friend hoda gets to have her all the time and she lives in kuwait but shes coming back and hana will be with her all the time and i wont have any hana left for me or my friends in class!!!

  6. # 6 rana Added:

    my best best friend is rana, she is very cute nice and helpful girl. she is a good friend she always ask about me
    I hope every one who want a good friend to now him first .

  7. # 7 Moses Added:

    A best friend is one who stays when others have gone

  8. # 8 annie j. butler Added:

    When you are sick a just friend come over and ask what do you need me to do? A best friend will just do what need to be done.

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