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Quran kya hai-Kuran ki ahmiyat-Importance-Quran Orkut Scraps

Quran ka koi mutabadil na badal hai
Quran har ek ukda E duswar ka hal hai
Quran risalt ka muhafiz bhi khabar bhi
Quran bashirat bhi basharat bhi bashar bhi
Quran nazayat bhi nazarat bhi nazar bhi
Quran taassur bhi mawassar bhi asar bhi
Quran me sehra bhi samandar bhi hazar bhi
Mehsar ki misale bhi he sidra ke samar bhi
Quran me azal se abad tak ki khabar hai
Quran hi tazkira E jinn o bashar hai
Quran ki aayat me rate bhi hai din bhi
Quran me insan bhi shyateen bhi jinn bhi
Quran to mumba E karam judo sakha hai
Quran nawajis hai inayat hai ata hai
Quran to insan pe ahsan hai rab ka
Quran hakikat me khazina hai adab ka
Quran ganzina hai hasn O usool ka
Quran moazazza hai khuda ke rasool (S.A.W.) ka

Submitted by : Irfan


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4 more messages for Quran kya hai-Kuran ki ahmiyat-Importance-Quran Orkut Scraps ”

  1. # 1 Momin Ateeq Added:

    Dear Irfaan Bhai

    I like your poem but there are some changes should be make can do this Allah will give you more ajar. Insha Allah.
    Contact me on my e-mail and I’ll tell you what change to be make in this poem. Jazak-kumullah-Khaira And Allah knows best.

  2. # 2 raiskhan Added:

    Qur’aan ki sada
    “aaya tha main jahanme hidayat ke vaste,
    ‘taviz’ banke reh gaya hifazat ke vaste.

  3. # 3 Khuda ka Banda Added:

    Janaab Raiskhan..kya khoob kaha apne.
    Haqeeqat bayaan kardi !

  4. # 4 Ather Added:

    Very nice shayaree. I like it very much… Keep sharing more with us.

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