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School Memories sms: Remembering Old School Days

Hi, guys ! we often miss our school or college days because we touch very strong to our school and we never forget that days. So I bring a nice messege on school days. You can send this messege to your special friend of school days you can also send this on orkut or on facebook.


Oneside love.

silent mode Mobiles.

Bus stand comedies..

Escape from Seminars..

Last period cuts..

Birthday treats..

Last minute preparation..

over Night study

fornext Exam..

Friend’s family functions.

internal marks problem

Tution Bunk..

Eager wait for 14th feb

shortage of pocket money and attendance..

These day’s will never come again..!

cheers to our last years.


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3 more messages for School Memories sms: Remembering Old School Days ”

  1. # 1 Richy Added:

    School days fun..
    Remember teacher’s red nose
    bus-stop masti,eating choclate
    finishing tiffen before bell,
    loving friends.forgetting books,punisment lass,my damn crazz.
    Life yaahi hai……tension nahi he
    tution for chaumin
    shooping for meeting special
    smiling for nothing
    dancing in the rain and sleeping together with my friends::

  2. # 2 Neelam Added:

    Always remember the stupidity of mine when i used to beat the when they tease me calling chashmish……..

  3. # 3 mr odox Added:

    Precious School Days - I Am Missing A Lot .! School days -School Days ::-

  4. # 4 dona Added:

    go to scool for meeting friends,
    never for study,
    in lunch time make fun in one lunch,
    every class comment on teachers,
    never complete homework,
    in class doing all homework from one copy,
    in exam copy all answer from other,
    get same marks,
    spend time with friends,
    every time talking in class,
    last period never study just make fun with friends,
    i just miss my school days, those time i spend with friends. miss u friends and teachers.

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