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Teachers day greetings(message / celebration sms)

Greetings for the Teachers day, this a teachers day message, you can send it your friends on the eve of Teachers day. Though can send to teachers too but it is about encouraging people to respect their teachers. Happy Teachers day!


Remember all words he say
Words to make you social
Words to make you special
He is our teacher
He is our guide
Lets make him feel pride



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27 more messages for Teachers day greetings(message / celebration sms) ”

  1. # 1 Manish Agrawal Added:

    this is a really very good web site.

  2. # 2 nagram Added:


  3. # 3 Ashika Added:

    this is a really good poem….. i luv it…..

  4. # 4 chidvilash(c.s.e;tpist) Added:

    • I may not say it always.
    But, I mean it whenever I say it.
    Thank You Teacher
    For all the things you have done for me.
    Happy Teachers Day!

  5. # 5 rajkumar Added:

    happy teacher day

  6. # 6 mahesh chauhan Added:

    happy teachers day
    I say thanks teachers

  7. # 7 anis Added:

    happy teachers day,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,anis
    09701093257.wish to teachers………………..anis male kadapa

  8. # 8 ZINDGILIVE smsgupshup Added:

    “The Mediocre teacher tells. The Good Teacher explains. The Superior Teacher demonstrates. The Great Teacher inspires.”
    Happy Teacher’s Day!

    (a B.Sc. Biotech student from city Fatehabad,Haryana.

  9. # 9 KASIVISWANADH Added:

    @@@@@@@@@@@@@HAPPY TEACHERS DAY@@@@@@@@@@@ THIS IS YOUR KASI

  10. # 10 perwez alam Added:

    I want say all teacher’
    many many happy teacher day
    always happy my teacher

  11. # 11 Lamyanba Added:

    Thank you dear teacher
    For you makes the hard things easy for us while making your easy life hard.

  12. # 12 Nightcare Added:

    Happy teachers day

  13. # 13 anjali Added:

    it’s teacher who inspire us to do good things.i thanked my teachers for being so friendly to me!i thanked god and wish to fulfill my teachers dream,make them successful.

  14. # 14 Badar Khan Added:

    I Love my teachers a lot, because what every I am because of them, and what ever I’ll be also because to them…
    God Bless all of my teacher.

  15. # 15 Arya Added:

    hi teachers
    bye teachers

  16. # 16 maheen atiq Added:

    I love my teachers alot,,
    if u r the choclate u r the sweetest,
    if u r the star u r the brightest,
    if u r the teddy bear u r the cuttest,,
    hence , u r my teacher u r best ….

  17. # 17 naqsh sharma Added:

    teacher’s r like to me my god………….

    they always help when ever we need so,god bless u teacher’s

    we love u…….

  18. # 18 shiny kunjumon Added:

    to all my lovely teachers
    who made me to fly high………thank you very much to show me a way nd to hold my hands in every difficulty i faced in my life………..once again thanks ……miss u alll…..

  19. # 19 supreet Added:

    dey always show u d right path ,burn them selves for our success hats of to dem …my heartly wishes to all teachers…HAPPY TEACHERS DAY

  20. # 20 Sanjay Sawhney Added:

    Teachers have always been the guiding force for the students, who have inspired them to move ahead and achieve much in life.

    Let us salute the nation builders,
    Let us salute the creater of our destiny
    Let us salute our Teachers.


  21. # 21 Nitikesh Added:

    A teacher
    Takes a hand….
    Opens a mind……
    And toches a heart.
    ¤ Happy Teacher’s Day

  22. # 22 m.m. Added:

    to our most loving R.R. Mam,,
    its true that i don’t like teachers,its also true sometimes i just hate them and rarely talk to them but its also tru it happens to me b4 i met u ,mam….u came all n a sudden and turn all my thinking wrong abt teachers…with ur elegence u show us how sweet & friendly a teacher can be…words are far less to say thanx to u.thanx for coming in our life to change it in a possitive direction .love mam

  23. # 23 Shir Mohammad Added:

    Happy teacher’s to to all the respectable teacher’s of the world , especially the smart and and hardworking teachers of India..

  24. # 24 Ch V S Nagabhushanam HPT Added:

    T-Talent E-Encouragement A-Ability C-Confidence H-Honesty E-Efficiency R-Respect. Happy Teachers’ Day!

  25. # 25 luisah Added:

    i love my teachers..
    thank you teacher
    for straightening
    our paths..
    happy teachers’ day!

  26. # 26 sir renan crisostomo Added:

    thank u sir sa lahat! kahit na mag-gragraduate na kami hindi namin kayo makakalimutan for me your the best among all the teacher; hinubog niyo ang mga kakayahan at talento namin na dati akala namin hindi namin kaya! thanks a lot!

    we love you sir!

  27. # 27 eagle eye Added:

    thank 4 ur patience and guidance

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